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SENIORS & LONG-TERM CAREHeld in Greely on November 2, 2017

As seniors grow older and experience health issues, they are faced with major decisions: “Will they be able to stay at home and receive the care that they need? Will they be comfortable and cared for in a retirement care community? Will they be able to live out their lives with dignity?”

Dr. John Collins from the Rural Ottawa South Support Services told me that funding from the provincial government is a major challenge, while the demand for services is increasing.

I have heard directly the devastating effects that the Wynne Liberal legacy of “hallway healthcare” has had on seniors in our community.

Thousands of Ontario seniors are on the waitlist for long term care services.

David Eggett, Chair of the Osgoode Care Centre, told me that the current provincial plan doesn’t invest in beds at long term care facilities like his.

Ontario families and seniors expect a healthcare system that can be relied upon in times of need. Our provincial government and our communities need to do more to support our seniors.

Doug Ford will end hallway health care and invest in 30 000 new long term care beds.