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HYDROHeld in Osgoode on March 1, 2018

For two years I have spoken with and listened to people in communities across Carleton. The number one concern that I have heard is skyrocketing hydro rates.

Under the Liberals’ watch, since 2003, Ontario residents have seen their hydro bills triple, costing the average family more than $1,000 more per year!

For hydro ratepayers in Carleton, nothing is more unfair than the spilt between Hydro Ottawa and Hydro One.

Local Osgoode Ward City Councillor George Darouze gathered over 8500 signatures from local residents on a petition calling on the Government of Ontario to provide Fair Hydro for Ottawa.

Doug Ford will lower your hydro bills. He will scrap the disastrous Green Energy Act and examine all energy contracts that the Liberals have signed that value the price of electricity above market rates.

Doug Ford will clean up the hydro mess

You will pay less for hydro.

Relief is on the way.