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HEALTHCAREHeld in Manotick on January 11, 2018

Access to quality healthcare in a timely manner is a universal right for all Ontarians. Unfortunately, Liberal waste and mismanagement of the healthcare system has let down many Ontario families.

Under the Liberals, hospital budgets have been frozen for four-straight years. No investments have been made in long-term care capacity.

The Wynne Liberals have wasted over 8 billion taxpayer dollars on e-health, a system that is unlikely to benefit Ontarians.

This is the Wynne Liberal legacy of hallway healthcare.

Peter told me that the current health care system is inefficient and not sustainable.

Jeff expressed his frustration that it took him 4 years to find a family doctor.

Doug Ford will end hallway healthcare.

Under Doug Ford’s Plan for the People, an Ontario PC Government will invest in 15,000 new long-term care beds in five years, and 30,000 new beds over the next 10 years.

More long-term care beds located across the province will ease the burden on hospitals, allow doctors and nurses to work to their fullest abilities, and improve healthcare for Ontario families and patients when they need it most.