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AGRICULTUREHeld in North Gower on October 5, 2017

I have spent nearly two years speaking with and listening to our agriculture community across Carleton.

Today’s farmers are concerned about unaffordable high energy costs, the Wynne Liberal minimum wage increase, a shortage of skilled labour force, tax hikes on farmland, and NAFTA.

Farmers, like Mel Foster from North Gower, have told me that “government keeps reaching into our pockets for more and more!”

Agriculture and agri-food generate $113.8B and one in every eight jobs in Canada. Our country is the 5th largest global producer of agri-food products.

Carleton PC Association President Steven Lewis has a sticker on his truck that says it perfectly – “Have you eaten today? Thank a farmer”.

Supporting our farmers and the agri-food industry today is the first step to ensuring safe, steady food supply for the future generation.

My message to the farmers of Carleton is: relief is on the way.

Doug Ford will clean up the hydro mess and repeal the costly and ineffective “Green Energy Act”.

Doug Ford will scrap Kathleen Wynne’s wasteful and expensive cap and trade system for carbon credits.

Premier Doug Ford will reject Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax grab that only raises the price of energy while doing nothing to reduce carbon emissions.